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Transition Support / Aftercare SUPERVISOR

Transition Support / Aftercare SUPERVISOR
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About Transition Support / Aftercare SUPERVISOR

Transition Support / Aftercare SUPERVISOR

The Kainai Transition Support is a residential program that transitions clients into sustainably healthy lifestyles and to eventually providing safe housing and supports for a successful transition back to home and community. The Supervisor will oversee transition support employees and manage day-to-day operations of the Transition Support program. The Supervisor will work closely with other Transition Support Staff and work in cooperation and communication with KTCS manager and other Supervisors in the development and maintenance of the Transition Support/Aftercare Program. The Supervisor will oversee the development of accreditation requirements, develop or maintain accurate client assessments, oversee client referral process, any licensing requirements, facility maintenance management, cultural engagement, curriculum changes and/or development, daily programing scheduling, data collection program outcomes, and overall program management. The Supervisor would also assist in the delivery of the core program curriculum, providing confidential addictions counselling, relapse prevention strategies, education and support to individuals and their families and for promoting healthy lifestyles and healthy choices, with a holistic focus on rehabilitation, aftercare, relapse prevention and reintegration into community.


•Applicable post-secondary degree or sufficient education, training and experience that provides

the requirements of the Transition Support Supervisor;
• Minimum 2 years experience of behavioral health billing/revenue management, personnel

supervision and addictions and/or mental health counseling;
• Drive program initiatives to ensure long-term operating excellence and sustainability by

meeting key metrics and key performance indicators;
• Ability to create timely and accurate written and/or verbal reports as required to our Funding

Sources, KTCS quarterly reports, and other reports as required;
• Update or revise transition support policy;
• Ability to work with other Blood Tribe Departments or entities or outside sources to ensure the

utilization of services or programs being offered and include them in the programing curriculum;
• Utilize Blood Tribe Departments or entities, families, communities or outside sources in the

development of personalized service-plans for clients;
• Demonstrate understanding of the global 12 Core Functions of Addictions Counselling;
• Demonstrate understanding of the prevention, treatment, and aftercare components of

addictions counselling;
• Skilled in the use of various computer applications and office equipment;
• Maintains healthy lifestyle free of addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling and other addictions;
• Ability to understand and speak Blackfoot would be an asset;
• Willing to take necessary training for professional development;
• Possess a valid Driver’s License;
• Willing to work flexible hours as required;
• Identify training needs and participate in trainings, workshops and meetings as required

APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 22, 2019 by 4:00 pm

Please forward Resume, Cover Letter, Criminal Record Check, CYM and References (3) to:

Kainai Transition Centre Society ATTN: Manager

P.O. Box 530, Standoff, AB T0L 1Y0

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For more information, call 403-737-2555 Only those selected for an Interview will be contacted.